DECADES: ArtForEating Pop-Up Restaurant

1990s: Ready Meal of coriander pilau & lamb kebabs.

DECADES: ArtforEating presented their secret super club under the theme of a decade per course; 5 courses over 50 years..

here, a few hazy pics with my trusted iPhone..

The food was phenomenal, & the experience just so, treated as we were to a 1970s "powercut" complete with candles & singalong acoustic tune.. (also on the soundtrack: 1990s Gangsta's Paradise by Coolio + the gang - TUNE!)

1960s: home-made corned beef with a salad of marijuana smoked rocket, home-dried tomatoes and lentils. Served with salsa verde, on an LP.
1970s: King prawn, lobster & crab served with a cucumber & lemon salad, & a Bloody Mary shot.
1980s: Black Forest Golden Quail, roasted and served with chocolate, cherry & cream sauces, & a chestnut stuffing.

2000s: Molecular Gastronomy Dippy Egg - Coconut cardamom mousse with a yolk of mango, served with a sweet biscuit.

{all photos by me}


Little Tree Vintage said...

food looks delicious!

Anonymous said...

The eggs remind me of the seven minute eggs I've been making - with the melt in your mouth soft and buttery yolk. I found out that the key to doing it that way is to shock them in iced water post cooking.

Katie said...

yep, the food was amazing!! oo thanks for the tip @summerinthemorning!

katie x

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