New Camera?

all my photos are now via my iPhone - as above - however, i'm feeling like an upgrade, like a proper *digital dslr camera?! i think it will be quite a transition though, & i won't stop using the iPhone for snapping the everyday shot. i love the accessibility & editing that the little device allows, & i think learning how to use a dslr will be a challenge, a back-to-basics in order to understand the real capability.

ultimately, though, it's in the eye of the beholder, and the skill of the photographer, & not just the tool they have to hand - a fancy camera & a great photo are not necessarily bedfellows.

*so it turns out i used the word digital superfluously, not knowing what dslr actually stands for! this is how much i have to learn! thanks neena!

{all photos by me}


The Cat Hag said...

I think you take beautiful photos!

And sometimes it's the eye of the photographer and not the camera that makes photos gorgeous, like you. :)

The Cat Hag

Crystalin said...

Love the iphone for capturing little snapshots of everyday life. Good luck on your search for a dslr :)

Teresa said...

Great instagram photos! I've found that the Iphone takes really fantastic pictures in such a small package. Some of my friends have taken DSLR-like photos with their Iphones especially in daylight.

Katie said...

thanks! yes i agree teresa, the iphone is pretty phenomenal for photos!

katie x

Lola said...

I am getting an iphone soooon!! CAN'T WAIT! XX

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