The sun came out! As did the white jeans (Zara)..

Some photos of the Horniman Museum in South East London, one of the few museums that will continue to remain completely free to the public due to its dedication from its founder John Horniman..

and the Real Food Market, on the Southbank. I always pick up some olive & chilli paste, I add it to everything - tomato sauces, pasta dishes, or just spread on toast with some baba ghanoush - pictured above..

{ all photos by me}


Phuong said...

great photos, food looks so good

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Bettina said...

Hi Katie - Thanks for the sweet comment! I love Crystalin's blog as well! Your photos here look amazing, so jelly you live in London. Those strudels look delish. You've got wonderful photography skills, can't wait to look through the rest of your posts and photos!

Kate said...

Such stunning photos! I absolutely love the hornimun, my favourite thing in there has to be the walrus- it was stuffed when they didn't know a lot about walruses, so stuffed it so it didn't have any wrinkles!

Natasha said...

Such lovely photos. Just stumbled upon your blog and I love it!

Natasha xo

Lindsay said...

These photos are gorgeous! Talk about eye candy...just beautiful. And I love your outfit!

Hena Tayeb said...

Gorgeous. Love the museum and the pretty eggs.

Collections said...

That last photo is making me so hungry!

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Lafashionfolie said...

loving the new camera pics!

Sophie x


Ivanna said...

lovely blog!


Lauren said...

Your photos are absolutely stunning!! You are soooo creative with your shots and subject matter!


Brenda evans said...

nice pics!
follow each other?

Rania Kelesidou said...

Nice look and photos, I love the colors!

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