i've been pretty lame at posting lately, promise i'll get back to it soon on a regular basis! In the meantime, a collection to illustrate what i've been up to lately...

1. flat breads at Somerset House //
2. cute dog we found in Lisbon //
3. glittery flats from Dorothy Perkins //
4. lemon posset in cups that I made for the Jubilee, & packed in a Selfridges food hall bag to take to a party... //
5. at said party, cute cupcake (hummingbird recipe) //
6. in the Butterfly House, Lisbon Botanical Gardens //
7. i made almond and port cake //
8. Dad, at Somerset House //
9. dress by Dorothy Perkins, sunglasses by Ray-Ban //
10. drinks & snacks //
11. new dog print blouse from Primark //
12. coffee & cakes //
13. french toast strawberry sandwich - on an Anthropologie plate //

{ all photos by me}


Sarah Annette said...

I love all these pictures! The polka dot dress is so adorable and your dog :)

Maria @ delaRobla said...

Such cool pics! Looks like a wonderful day!!

nikol said...

i really like your blog, especially all the food posts ( :

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