Tibits London

tibits london
Ceri introduced me to the Vegetarian restaurant Tibits on Thursday, what a find! In the heart of West Central London, & just off Regent Street, there's a cute little courtyard known as the Food Quarter. Tibits emits an international vibe, Gipsy Kings playing on a loop, & people attracted by the buffet style approach: you pay for the weight of your plate. (This can get dangerous, it's easy to think of the canteen-type buffet where you try to shove as much as you can onto one dinner plate!)

People often think I'm a vegetarian, but I think it's almost harder to find a good vegetarian alternative, & so when I do, I'm particularly intrigued! Like the clientele, the menu is varied: endless varieties of humous sit alongside caramelised carrots, spicy pumpkin sides, thai noodles, krispy kale, Indian dahl, linseed bread rolls... I could go on...! Desserts include mango cake, bircher muesli, traditional New York cheesecake, & seasonal fruit crumbles.

I didn't get many close-ups of the food as my poor camera battery was dying :( But i'll be sure to venture there again!

tibits london
tibits london
tibits london

We then had a bit of fun playing with the candle holder to introduce a vignette & reflect the light!

tibits london
tibits london

{all photos by me}


Jennifer said...

Looks like a great place!

xo Jennifer


and so it goes.... said...

These photos are so fun! And now I am hungry ;)


tibits Team said...

Dear Katie,

wow what an awesome shout-out for our little restaurant! Thank you so much for this lovely space you've made for us on your blog. If you'd like please post post your entry on our facebookpage (https://www.facebook.com/tibits.uk) for all to enjoy :).

We are looking forward to seeing you and your camera soon again at tibits!

Have a fabulous weekend,
your tibits Team

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