Goodley PR showcased Krystof Strozyna's new signature line this evening, & after seeing all the super sharp geometric shapes & sunny colours on display, I couldn't wait to post some of the photos from the event!

I loved the little pleats everywhere, particularly cut just below the hip, so flattering & yet definitively unique, a nice change-over from the almost ubiquitous peplum around these days..

Don't ask me why, but these wrist adornments remind me of pony's ankles & horseshoes! A clearly unintended equestrian link, but I'd totally wear them! It's like an update to the wristband of the 80s or the choker of the 90s...

In line with my current obssession, I'm continuing to wear printed cigarette pants - these from Zara - & it seems like I'm not the only one, as there was a whole roster of fashionistas out tonight donning printed silks, trousers, pants, & skirts! #loveit

{all photos by me, or Kevin, edits by me}

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