Some days, I'm proud to live in a rainy nation, & it's days like this, when it's raining cats & dogs over at the Orla Kiely AW14 presentation! Misty raindrops & glowing bokeh painted onto the back wall, the sound of rain pitter-pattering over cobblestones, the girls made their way around the stage, peering around lamp posts, using newspapers to shelter their hair, & on one occasion, cradling their puppy close to their coat <3 (yes, a real live puppy, as if I couldn't love this show any more as it is!)

Pastel pinks, rich blue velvet dresses, camel coloured overcoats, & sequinned cat sweaters, it was like an extension of Orla's SS14 collection based on Wes Anderson's Moonrise Kingdom, brought to the rainy streets of Old London, with a bit of Breakfast at Tiffany's thrown in.


{all photos & edits by me}

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Moonstyle said...

nice!I like the last pic...

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