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I tried on sunglasses at duty free in the airport, in Galeries Lafayette in Berlin, in h&m, in Zara.. & I've been on the lookout for some Alexander Wang since forever (scrap that, 2 months), but since I hadn't come across any IRL, I went for a new pair of Ray-Bans (RIP my old faithfuls). Classic Wayfarers, the black shades seemed a little harsh for my colouring (despite my protestations to the contrary, my friends persuaded me of this, thankfully!) So I went for a matt tawny brown. Love them. 

Statement costume bib necklace below, from the bargain bin at h&m. I kind of like the fact that a few stones are missing, the stripes of black cotton across the empty plates give a cool geometric effect with the rounded stones!

{all photos by me}


Everyone loves fashion said...

Gosh these sunglasses are truly amazing!

P.S. Are you kidding me? I thought it was a coffee cup!

Leya said...

cute pictures :)

Katie said...

thanks girls!

@ ELF: at least i thought it was tea, now maybe i'm not so sure!

Katie x

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