Meet Angela*. She’s a giggly, bubbly schoolgirl, who requested I took her photo. A lot of the girls here love posing for photographs - & of course as soon as the camera turns on them, it’s hand on hip, & out comes the pout. Tyra would be so proud, there’s an excellent example ofsmizing going on here**.

* Probably not her real name. A lot of people play around with a couple of names: an African name, & then another (usually Western) name. One of the kids who helps out at The White House bar & restaurant calls himself Gilbert. I love the playfulness of it!
** Reference to America’s Next Top Model lingo: smiling with the eyes.

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{all photos & edits by me}

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Style Servings said...

Great pic! I loved encountering people like this when I was travelling, so excited to pose for a camera!

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